West TN Faith Travel Group

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Faith Travel can change your life!

Join us as we explore our faith with travel to the places of the Bible.  Strengthen and enrich your faith with travel to the places we have all read about and heard sermons about all of our lives.  Walk in the very footsteps of Jesus and his disciples as we explore their lives and ministries with our travel.  Come back with your faith renewed and stronger than ever before.   

2020 Travel Options

2021 Travel Options

Please contact me for information about any of the trips listed or to suggest other travel ideas.  I am always open to suggestions from the group.  

Be sure to tell your friends, your Pastor and your fellow church members about our group and invite them to join us on our travels.  



Our Commitment

Travel by Jim does not just plan and book travel.  We are also members of and involved in the organizations listed here.

We believe we must give back to our community and the industry we work in.  We give our time and money to help make our community a better place to live and work and to strengthen the professional practices of our industry.