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My fellow travelers on my first Holy Land Pilgrimage December 2019

Visit the Holy Land - It Can Change Your Life!

Expand your Ministry with a tour of the Holy Land with Travel by Jim and Educational Travel Services (ETS).  ETS is the #1 Tour Operator from North America to Israel and has been doing so since 1974.

Our Promotional Video for Holy Land Tours

The guide on my Holy Tour, Tssippi Segal who was amazing in her knowledge of the Bible and Israel's history.  She is inviting everyone to Jerusalem!  (sorry for the audio quality, it was very windy that day)

Having just come back from my first tour to the Holy Land in December 2019,  It was an overwhelming experience, to be in the places I have read about in Bible stories and heard about in sermons all my life.  To know I was walking in the very steps of Jesus, to be in these places where so many biblical events happened was both incredible and emotional, and difficult to put into words.

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Pastor, Can I have 15 minutes of your time to introduce myself and show you how you can expand your ministry with a Holy Land TripPlease contact me to schedule an appointment at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you!

Jim Donnell, Travel Advisor

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